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Dedicated to bettering lives

From the start, we have always invested in people. Astra Health Care, Inc. is embodied by a team of multidisciplinary reliable professionals who are carefully selected and trained in caring for patients of all ages. From children, adults to the elderly, we ensure that the care plan laid out by the patient’s physician is applied properly.

Our experienced team also coordinates with the physician over the course of care and report changes and/or improvements in the patient’s health so we can further develop their treatment plan and provide the best possible healthcare services in their homes. Our staff members are the reason why our quality standards remain high.

  • Robert Cortez
    Robert Cortez Executive Director
  • Cari Levy, MD, phD
    Cari Levy, MD, phD Medical Director
  • Angel Julmy RN BSN
    Angel Julmy RN BSN Director of Clinical Services
  • Angie Hickman RN BSN
    Angie Hickman RN BSN Director of Nursing
  • Natalya Veneychuk RN MSN
    Natalya Veneychuk RN MSN Director of Compliance and Performance Improvement
  • Sangeeta Kapoor
    Sangeeta Kapoor Director of Billing and Revenue Cycle
  • Erick Marroquin
    Erick Marroquin Billing Coordinator
  • Alexandra Graham-Abeyta
    Alexandra Graham-Abeyta Admissions Manager
  • Victoria Pullman
    Victoria Pullman Intake Coordinator
  • Chelsea Michell
    Chelsea Michell Scheduling Coordinator
  • Coleen Codd RN ONC
    Coleen Codd RN ONC Quality Assurance Nurse
  • Allison Adkins RN BSN
    Allison Adkins RN BSN Quality Assurance Nurse
  • Melissa Chavez
    Melissa Chavez Office Manager – Human Resources
  • Jennifer Vasquez
    Jennifer Vasquez Medical Records
  • Cindy Vasquez
    Cindy Vasquez Administrative Assistant

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