Meet our Staff

From the start, we have always invested in people. Our staff are the reason why our quality standards remain high. Here, we introduce to you the very team behind our success.

  • Robert Cortez

    Robert Cortez Executive Director

  • Anna Twerskoi

    Anna Twerksoi, RN Interim Director of Clinical Services

  • Vacant

    Natalya Veneychuk, RN MSN Director of Quality and Performance Improvement (In Compliance Officer)

  • Alex Graham

    Alex Graham- Abeyta Intake – Staffing Coordinator

  • Sangeeta Kapoor

    Sangeeta Kapoor Director of Billing and Revenue Cycle

  • Erick Marroquin

    Eric Marroquin Billing Specialist

  • Jennifer Vasquez

    Jennifer Vasquez Medical Records Specialist

  • Melissa Chavez

    Melissa Chavez Office Manager – Human Resources

  • vacant

    Allison Adkins, RN BSN Quality Assurance Nurse

  • vacant

    Coleen Codd, RN ONC – Quality Assurance Nurse

  • vacant

    Chelsea Michell Scheduling and EVV Coordinator

  • vacant

    Angel Julmy, RN BSN Assistant Director of Clinical Services